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Title    QubitNews is finally launched!
Date    Wednesday July 23 2003, @07:29PM
Author    vroom

QubitNews: News and Inforation from the Quantum Community.

This is conceived as a meeting-point for the community working in the fast developing field of Quantum Information and Computation. This is an open and free project devoted to the exchange of information in this field.: news, stories, announcements, comments of scientific work, debates, polls, forums, etc... Many aspects of your work that cannot appear in scientific journals may find a place here.

The main feature of QubitNews is that it is dynamical: you are wellcome to participate and modify the look and feel of this site. You may become an anonymous user, site user or an Author. Visit the homepage and consult the documents About, FAQ, How-To and GettingStarted. It may be useful, helpful and a lot of fun.


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