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Title    More YASS Than You Can Shake a Stick At!
Date    Friday February 27 2004, @02:50PM
Author    Cliff

After being on hiatus for about two months, we're now returning you to your regularly scheduled dose of new Slash sites. Prepare for Slash Site overload as we've got quite the backlog, not to mention cobwebs, to clear out. Read on, and welcome the newest members of our small but growing weblog community.

It's Nothing but Mindless Chatter!

morgothan writes: "I just put up, which is running on Slash. I figured I would let everyone know that there is one more slashsite out there :-)."

Free Internet Press

JWSmythe writes: "It's about time we got around to announcing this: we put up a few months ago. The site's goal is to be a public news outlet, where anyone having, reading, or finding news can get it seen. Generally, it's the same idea behind Slashdot, but with the content quality (hopefully) of a major news outlet except we don't have that terminal problem where they want 99% news coverage, and want to suck up to the US Gov't the whole time (no offense to the big guys, hopefully).

Ideally, we'd like to get journalists from other news outlets to submit their stories here. Not the pulitzer prize worthy ones, of course, simply the ones that someone thinks deserve to be printed, but doesn't have the outlet to print it with. I hope our news seems interesting and worthy."

Observing the Sky

rkramer writes: "Yes, yet another slash site is alive! Our site targets the general public with features on all topics related to observations of the sky, including aurora, weather, planets/stars, and also satellite/spacecraft. Also includes daily contributions by some fairly well respected experts in their fields!"

Professional Ethics: A Slash Site at Texas A&M

A Student from Texas A+M writes: "Directed by Ethics Professor Stefan Sencerz and run by Ethics Professor Don Berkich for a Professional Ethics [PHIL 3340] class at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, the site has become an integral part of a dynamic and active forum for discussions about articles, topics, ideas... anything that involves ethics.

Free for anyone to participate, (but for students part of their grade), brings open debate to the web for interactive discussions about topics you want to talk about!"

Fircrest News

Fircrest Editor writes: "Fircrest News is now up with some content. Although modeled as a community newspaper, some of the content is national and international news from various print and web sources."


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