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posted by Krow on 03:26 AM February 20th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
ExploitSeattle is your daily dose of events occuring in the Emerald City. Its run by a horde of rain soaked Seattlites who's quest to relieve boredom and promote cool stuff(TM) caused them to create a site to list their hip and not so hip events.
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    by tf23 (175) <reversethis-{moc.todattol} {ta} {32ft}> on Thursday February 20, @10:57AM (#5754)
    ( | | Last Journal: Monday July 12, @05:44PM )
    How did you do the "Thursday February 20" story at the top?

    Is it just a story that you keep at the top via the 'fast forward' checkbox in the story editor?

    For a second I thought maybe you had used the page plugin for the index page, but then I looked at the html src and it's index;index so it's the normal generating it.

    Interesting, too, that you're using the word count code to put '74 words in story' with each story link. I wonder if the count really matters to potential readers or not.

    It looks like the Events plugin is working nicely too. Is that what you had in mind, 2 years ago, when you originally mentioned need need for a calendar plugin on irc? I'm curious because that plugin and my calendar/events plugin ended up quite different.

    lottadot []