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Yet Another Security Site

posted by Krow on 01:03 PM May 26th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
YASS should probably stand for "Yet another Security Site" LOL. I've been playing around with slash for about a week now, and finally have the beginnings of a site running. Feel free to pop in, drop some comments, break stuff and generally see what goes. The more participation I see, the more work I'll put into making it a nice site. A good name might help... now there's an idea for a poll.
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  • RDF / RSS

    by gc (5207) on Sunday June 01, @12:28PM (#6041)
    Well, I've happily discovered RDF/RSS feeds, and have started adding some to the site. Does anyone know of a good categorized list? I've checked, but the site appears to be down, is it a goner?
  • a20p?

    by kill-hup (3279) <> on Thursday June 05, @11:24AM (#6048)
    ( )
    What does the "a20p" stand for? At first glance, I thought you might be hosting it on a ThinkPad [] ;)

    -- [], proudly running Slash since 1/28/2002.

    • Re:a20p? by gc (Score:1) Friday June 20, @11:06AM